Types Of Home Heating Systems

The heating systems are the machines that are used to maintain the temperature of your home, office, etc. Many people in South London use the heating system at their home because it has many benefits. Apart from heating the environment, it also enhances the quality of air as it removes the allergens, dust particles from your home. Heating appliances use different types of fuel like biofuel, electricity, natural gases, etc. So, if you want to buy a heating system for your home, you can consult the professionals from Souththames Gas.

Here are the different types of heating systems that you can use to heat your home.

  • Forced air furnaces – It delivers hot air to different rooms of your home by the duct work with the use of blowers. They adjust the room temperature very fast. Natural gases, electricity, liquid propane, or oil can be used as a fuel source in the furnaces. It also removes allergens or dust from your home.
  • Modern in-floor heating system – It is the radiant heating type system that is energy efficient. It distributes the heat through a hot water boiler or heater. You can use the solar system, electricity, etc. as a fuel source for the boiler. To ensure that the surroundings remain warm, you should also get boiler maintenance services from South London.
  • Heat pump system – It extracts the surrounding heat and by wall mounted air handler and delivers it to your home. The heat pumps that extract the heat from the ground are geothermal heat pumps and those which extract heat from lake and ponds are water heat pumps. It can be powered by natural gases and electricity. They can be turned to a cooling system in the summers. It is a convenient type of heating system, as it does not need any duct work.

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