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Personal Coaching And Its Types

Personal coaching isn’t a new concept and has been around for a long time. Under this individuals go to the coaching academy not to attain text-book knowledge, but to understand life and deal with stress and the problems that people face. These are suitable to those people who are having troubles and are dealing with issues in their life or people who have lost confidence. Personal coaching services teach people life skills and empower them so that they can tackle all their problems easily by themselves.

These coaching are available in 3 basic categories which are as follows.

Personal Development course – This course revolves around the personal development of an individual. These classes make people realize their true potential and make them strive for success. The classes deal with personality development, confidence buildup, recovering from a depression etc. These classes have worked wonders in the past and a lot of people avail these. If you visit websites of any such coaching, you will see loads of testimonials that would give you a reason to go for it.

Mini-course – These are short term courses aimed at confidence build-up, relationship and career counseling. These courses also help depressed and anxious people.

Life skill classes – This course is generally used in schools, colleges, and on-the-job trainings as it deals with important life skills like confidence, leadership skills, stress management, decision making skills, managerial skills, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. These courses are very popular in big corporate companies where managers hire these coaches to train their subordinates to be the future leaders.