Keep Your Loved Ones Close With Personalised Photo Key Rings

Key rings are gaining popularity these days. There was time,when people only used it to string keys in a bunch. This helped them find all keys at once. Once people started getting bored with the same old key ring, they started making it look different by adding beads, colourful strips, and anything that got attention. Until one day, who had good business knowledge,found that key ring if personalized,can be enjoyed by many.
With time, more and more different types of personalized key rings are introduced in market by different companies. There were initials encrypted, messages printed and nowadays, people have started gifting their loved ones photo engraved keyring. There are different materials used depending upon the style in which you want to personalize your key ring. Plastic, PVC, metal, beads and leather are the most commonly used ones and plastic is the cheapest of all.

  • As we were talking about photo printed key rings, the benefits of buying them is extra ordinary -They are extremely personal as it has photograph of the one whom you have gifted. Sometimes if you’re gifting a couple on their anniversary, their photograph together says it all.
  • People have a tendency of looking at their picture whenever they get an opportunity. Now imagine them watching their face on a key ring and smiling whenever they have it in their hand.
  • Sometimes,trying photo key ring by putting photo of the employees of the year and gifting them makes them feel important. Giving them photo key ring individually boosts their morale and they feel proud in working for the company. There are bottle openers or torches that are attached to a photo key ring makingit multipurpose. Visityour nearest store and customizea photo key ring for someon special.

Heat Shrink Tubes And Its Uses

Electrical wires are often open to the environment and can be hazardous due to abrasion and environmental changes. Solid wire conductors, connectors, stranded wires, joints, terminals and other things need to be protected against the surrounding changes that can cause damage to the components. Hence, heat shrink tubing is used for this purpose. They can also be used to create seals in cables, to bundle the wires together, for insulation and they are resistant to abrasion.

Manufacturing process

The main component in manufacturing heat shrink tubes is polyolefin, a thermoplastic material. This component is chosen and often added with additives depending on the application. The starting tube is extruded and this tube is cross-linked through radiation which creates a memory in the tube. Then the tube is heated just above the crystalline melting point of the polymer and expanded in diameter to the desired shape and size in a vacuum chamber. When the end-user heats this again, the tube shrinks back to the original size.


This tubing is fitted before making the connection in electrical wires and slides down to the joint. A silicone lubricant can be used if it is too tight. Then the tubing is shrunk by heating with a hot air gun. This heat needs to be controlled otherwise it can cause uneven shrinkage, insulation failures, and physical damage to the tubing. Overheating can cause the tubing to catch fire like any other plastic. Some types contain an underlying thermoplastic adhesive to provide better adhesion and sealing.