A Complete Guide to Get a Gothic Look

Gothic clothing is quite popular even to this day, and they are available in various types. They have their own unique style, and are designed with various shades of blacks and other colours, influence, materials, and style. You get to see some of the best gothic fashion in musical shows and classic movies.

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Finding a right Goth dress or shrine clothing design to match with the theme can be a bit tricky. In this post, we shall look at some of the ways to get a complete fashionable Gothic look.

Guide to Wear Goth

  • Determining the style you want

There are a variety of Gothic wear to choose from. While some people prefer a romantic look along with tailored velvet jackets and lace items, others prefer punk style along with a spiked collar and bondage pants.

Some go for the futuristic fashion with the goggles, latex, yarn extensions and industrial boots. There are many branches to choose from and not a single gothic fashion. Hence, it would be more feasible to first determine, which fashion trend you actually want for your shrine clothing.

  • Browse internet

You can watch gothic movies and pictures for inspiration. You can look around to get the idea to choose the best fashion. You should always avoid copying anyone else rather try creating your own look.

  • Explore thrift shops

You need to explore the thrift shops so as to get the original and cheap clothes. Mainstream clothing stores usually have basic pieces like black sweaters, pinstriped pants, etc. that can serve as the staples for your wardrobe. These shops are also less expensive than those speciality stores.

  • Try tight clothes

You can try tight clothes, but make sure that it fits your body. Death rockers and gothics usually purchase black jeans and then alter them so as to fit tightly. However, if it is not working for you, then prefer sticking to the normal loose fit clothes.

  • Considering boots

Goths usually have tall, high and black boots. The popular types for the men are platform boots. There are various kinds of boots, just look around and choose the style that you like the most. Also, you can go without the boots as Goth is all about being the original one.

  • Hair

You don’t need to change the style of your hair to get the gothic look. There are many people who represent the true gothic fashion yet keep the natural hair. However, if you do choose to change the style, then start looking for various gothic bands for inspiration. No matter what style you choose, it is all about expressing yourself, so try to be creative.


Getting the gothic looks is not all about the dark dresses, hair, and boots. It is also about how you act, and carry yourself. Goths are mostly considered as outcasts, yet they have a deeper connection with the society. You should also try to make your outfit look different and unique.

To learn more about how to act like a Goth, you must try listening to the gothic music, read related literature, and join gothic clubs and social media communities.